Sales Process Support

We help our clients increase sales rep productivity by 10% to 30% by providing a full range of multi-lingual contact center services including chat, text, social media, and email follow-up, either for short-term projects or for long-term outsourcing.  This helps you avoid adding head count and and having to deal with all the hassles of hiring and replacement/retraining.  Potential applications include:

  • List cleanup, decision maker identification.
  • Lead generation and lead pre-qualification.
  • Lead nurturing for leads that are not yet ready or where the sale was delayed.
  • Call and appointment setting/rescheduling for outside reps.
  • Capturing updates from your reps and getting those entered into the CRM (one of the weakest areas of most sales reps).
  • Event (webinar, trade show, seminar) invitation and confirmation.
  • Market, customer, and competitive surveys and research.
  • Mystery shopping, retail price checking, competitor assessment.